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Rich and delicious, made with fine Ghiradelli Chocolate from San Francisco. Yum!


Full-flavored espresso topped with perfectly-steamed milk, just the way y0u like it


A foaming cup of premium espresso topped with creamy milk like the snow on Mount Shasta

Blended Coffee Drinks

Chilled freshly-brewed coffee, with shaved ice and intense flavors like caramel, vanilla, red velvet, and more

Jet Tea Fruit Smoothies

Puréed fruit smoothie with premium Jet Tea infused with greentea, with lots of vitamin C and antioxidants!

Hawaiian Ices

Refreshing shaved ice, and a massive list of flavorings provide the perfect icy treat for hot summer days

Italian Sodas

Sparkling club soda, ice, and traditional Italian flavor favorites, like rasberry, vanilla, peach, blackberry. (Available sugar-free or made with energizing Red Bull)

Drip Coffee

Organic, premium coffee imported from The Good Bean in Jacksonville, Oregon

Chai Tea

Famous Big Train or Oregon Chai, using traditional milk or substitute non-dairy almond or soy milk


Flavorful and filling variety of big muffins, delicious scones, and traditional biscotti!

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